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Young Living Pure Essential Oils
I've been using Essential Oils with my clients (people and animals) with great results. This modality has enhanced my client's emotional well-being in profound ways. Scroll down for some great informational videos.

I really love Young Living Essential Oils. I've chosen this brand above all others because of the quality of the oils and the integrity of the company. They guarantee purity from Seed to Seal. That means that they grow their own plants, harvest and distill them. And, for me, the most important test is my own experience. I can literally 'see' the energetic difference in these oils. I use these oils with my clients in their sessions and I'd be happy to share more information with you. I'm a Member because I believe in this product YL#2123369.

Did you know you can use Pure oils with your baby and your pets? Yep, just be sure to ask me first as you want to dilute and apply correctly. Also, oils must be PURE or they can harm you (literally, Tea Tree Oil with any synthetic in it can kill a cat. There are no 'truth in labeling' laws, so it's critical that you know your Source).

I use these oils on myself, my family, my clients, my 2 cats, dog, and 2 horses. I have witnessed amazing benefits! Ready to sign up, Click Here? Just know, that when you sign up with me, you join an amazing team of Educators! Classes, Info, and more. I'm here to hold the space for your Abundance!

Young Living Oils & Wellness