Joyful Alchemy for Mind + Body + Spirit

Regenerative Yoga

Yoga is a beautiful tool that helps us to align our Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Bodies. At PHS we practice gentle Regenerative flow that combines Pranayama (breath work), sound, and Asanas (physical poses). This class is designed for all levels. It's a slow relaxing stretch. The one area of our lives that we don't tend to as much is this quiet still space. In this class, you will find this still stretchy space that allows healing and strengthening of your body. Justine is a Certified Yoga Instructor and completed her initial training in Bali. She brings her unique perspective to the mat with a focus on Your Own Gorgeous Acceptance. Always gentle, inspiring, and joyful!


When we quiet our minds, we calm our lives! John teaches Meditation classes at PHS that are powerful and accessible. He offers his famous 3 minute meditations as well as guided meditations that allow for deeper and greater healing. The purpose of these classes is to provide you with easy and accessible tools.

Yoga & Meditation