My name is Justine and I'm an Energy Healer. I've worked professionally with people & animals for over 15 years and I'm passionate about helping you find the Joy your Soul wants you to realize. To this end I've studied many modalities and offer these varied tools to my clients depending on their needs. I'm a Reiki Master and a graduate of the McKay School of Energy Healing (a 4 year Energy Healing School). Additionally I've trained as an Equine Bodyworker and I'm a certified Yoga teacher. One size does not fit all and there is no silver bullet. Instead there's our own brilliant consciousness, just waiting to lead us to joy and purpose.

What is your dream? What's stopping you?

I bet I can help you on your way. 

-Do you experience physical, mental or emotional pain, I can ease that for you and show you how to get to the root of the issue so it doesn't come back.

-Are you curious about your soul's purpose? I can connect you to your guides. A Guidance Counselor, so to speak.

-Feeling stuck in your life? I have all kinds of creative tools to un-stick you!

So, what are you waiting for? Give me a call, I'm so looking forward to meeting you.

Meet Justine

Joyful Alchemy for Mind + Body + Spirit