I am passionate about helping people find their unique expression of their Joy. 

I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Holistic Health & Well-Being for People & Animals

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I am dedicated to healing the Mind+Body+Spirit in a Loving & Empowering Environment

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We are now Mobile & Virtual!

Beginning in 2017, Peaceful Heart & Soul has taken to the road. We are travelling across America and we are OPEN for business.

I am offering Energy Healing Sessions, Animal Communication, & Guidance With the Angels​ over the phone.

Distance Healing is incredibly effective. I have been working with clients this way for over 10 years with fabulous success.

I'm also in the process of creating online courses for Yoga, Meditation, and continuing Education.

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You can reach me at 541-771-2064 or PeacefulHeartAndSoul@gmail.com.

My name is Justine Gibb and I'm so happy you've decided to join me on this fabulous ride called Life!

Justine & John Gibb at the Young Living Convention

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In my practice I provide an environment that supports each individual in their own unique way as they reach for their full and glorious potential.  My goal at Peaceful Heart & Soul is for you to feel comfortable trying out new modalities designed to help you feel better RIGHT now!

As part of my commitment to excellence, I offer a wide range of modalities to best suit your personal goals. Whether it be to release pain in your body, connect with your creativity in a meaningful way, or maybe you're interested in delving into accessing your own guidance, there's a place for you here!

Joyful Alchemy for Mind + Body + Spirit