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Energy Healing

How I Practice Energy Healing

Energy healing allows me to work with you from cell to soul. It brings relief to both physical and emotional pain. As you release the energy blocks and patterns in your you release the pain. We can work at what ever level you feel comfortable with. Many of my clients want to work on chronic pain and emotional issues including stress and anxiety. Others desire help with decision making and coaching. Some clients enjoy being introduced to their Guardian Angel and guides, while others are interested in past lives and departed loved ones. 

I meet you where you are. You are completely held and safe in this environment. My goal is to empower you to settle into your own unique brand of joy. I give you tools to take with you so you can continue healing on your own. 

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing uses specific techniques to work with blockages and pain within the body. It’s a noninvasive means whereby people and animals experience less pain, freedom of movement, relaxation, and an overall sense of well-being. I practice McKay Method energy healing, a specific use of energy frequencies and techniques, as well as several other modalities. I have been trained to track energy within the body; therefore this work is very focused and direct. Many of us intuitively understand that we function as a whole being, that what we think and what we feel physically go hand in hand. Ancient healing practices have always tended to the body, mind, and spirit of an individual. Alternative modalities empower each person to understand and tend to their own well-being. Science 'recognizes' that our minds and our bodies are not separate entities, that one directly affects the other. And that, indeed, we are all composed of Energy. There's a deep level of intelligence within the very cells of our bodies. As we find modalities that bring us back into balance, we find our physical body readily follows the path to health. Everything we experience, feel, touch, think, say, perceive has an affect on our entire body. Healing is about empowering our 'selves' to find our own, unique, balance. Integrative Energy Balancing factors in all aspects of our experiences, past and present, directly aiding us in finding our individual path to well-being. 

 What's a Session Like? When we begin our session, I'll invite you to relax and prepare for a healing experience. It's important to set aside this time where you can relax and receive. No multi-tasking! We'll discuss your current questions and mental, physical, and emotional status. During the session, we can relieve chronic physical pain as well as release old limiting patterns. Clients find themselves in a deep relaxed state by the end of a session with a clearer sense of perspective. I often give 'homework' to help you continue your progress. Following a session, drink plenty of water and allow your body to rest. With this in mind, I suggest that you clear your schedule as much as possible following your session. Healing and balancing continues in your body for a significant amount of time following your visit. Allow the opportunity for your body to heal throughout the following week. It's common for feelings or thoughts to percolate out following a session. I'm always available to speak with you about your experience and questions.