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Why Create?

Take a look at our Art Class Descriptions, then check out the Calendar for this month's classes! You can Pay for classes hereWe offer a variety of classes that use/teach Mixed Media and Assemblage techniques. Each class is designed for any level (no art experience necessary) and you will leave each class with a beautiful piece of art!

I believe Creativity is the language of our Soul. We are all creators and the more we play in this area, the more joy fills our hearts. You may think you're not an artist, or not creative...well, trust me, you are! And I offer you the classes and environment to test that out. I design my Art classes specifically to not only show you how to create a piece of art, but also to connect to the vaster joy of your imagination!

The more you create, the freer and happier you become. It's a fact.

I have drawn and played in art my whole life. However, it's really been in the last 5 years that I've come to really appreciate the benefits of being creative.

Here's how it breaks down: Imagination and vision and creativity are muscles and the more we use them, the clearer and more fun our lives become. I've noticed that since I started doing art regularly (and by that I mean getting together with friends and creating a little project at least once a month) I've become more visual, more fearless, more willing to take chances.

And that makes sense. Art allows you to make mistakes, to muddle up your paper, or botch your creation. In fact, Art kind of wants you to mess it up because in the mess lies the magic! And as we get comfortable with the magical mess...well it begins to permeate the rest of our lives.

For example, in my business, I find I am more willing to try something new...I'm more willing to let it fail...and I'm way more successful because of it.

THIS is how we learn and grow my friends!

YOU are a creative genius! Get your sweet self signed up for an art class and you will be very impressed with what you create. I promise!

Art with Soul