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Art Classes 

We offer a variety of classes & are always expanding!

Remember, you don't need to have ANY experience to do these classes! I will teach you all you need to know, YOU can do this! and it's SUPER FUN!! If you have Art Experience, I bet you'll learn something new. Check out the Calendar for this month's classes! You can Pay for classes here.

Sacred HeART Class

This is an Art and Healing Class. I’m so excited to present this class again! As an Artist and Energy Healer I love this combination of 2 of my passions (Art and Healing) all rolled into 1 super enjoyable class. Here’s what we’ll learn:
-Why it’s important to create Sacred Space & Sacred Objects. What is it and why is it important, especially as we intentionally manifest our dreams.
-What are some powerful tools to access our own Warrior Hearts. Practices will include Tonglen, Forgiveness, & Unconditional Love.
-How to create your own Sacred HeART piece (similar to the one pictured). You’ll learn how to take simple objects and create something beautiful while imbuing them with Sacredness and Love. You will create what you see in this picture. Step by step Gorgeousness! I promise you can do it!! Everyone goes home with a completed piece of sacred HeART PLUS! You will learn healing tools including Tonglen, Forgiveness, The Warrior Heart, etc. 4 hour class - $65 includes Supplies and Healing Techniques.

SoulSpeak Inspiration Cards

Create your own Inspiration Deck. All supplies and images will be provided. We will each make 3-6 cards and you will leave the class with your own little SoulSpeak Inspiration deck. How awesome is that! You’ll go home, then every morning choose a card…I wonder what will inspire you then? Did you know your Soul speaks to you in many ways. It’s often that quiet voice urging you on, cheering your decisions, and asking you to stretch just a little bit more. One great way to ‘hear’ your Soul is through Manifestation/Inspiration Cards. You may have seen these in the store: Louise Hay’s Affirmations, Doreen Virtue’s Angel cards, etc. In this class we will create our own miniature deck of Inspiration Cards. Complete with images that delight and words that inspire. Best of all, you will be creating them. Oh, your Soul really loves that idea! When you sign up, I will send you further instructions should you want to bring your own images/quotes. You can repeat this class as often as you like should you want to increase your deck. 3 hour class - $35 plus $5 Supply Fee

Art Journaling

You'll start with 2 Journals and you'll learn how to put your ideas on paper in a fun and freeing way! Art Journal- 2-Part Class Mixed Media and Assemblage. You will create an Assemblage cover on your Idea Journal and you will learn Mixed Media Journaling techniques in your Sketch Journal. Art Journaling is a wonderful way to express your life, wishes, and thoughts in a creative and inspiring manner. There are so many fun techniques! You will learn how to prep your pages and how to bring color and texture into your book. 2 Day Class - 3 hours each, 6 hours total - $70 plus $15 Supply Fee

Vision Board

We start our year out with this class and we revisit it quarterly. It helps us define our dreams for the year and helps them manifest in our physical world. So super powerful! We use a process to define goals and set intentions followed by the creation of the Vision Board. You leave with your completed board. This is useful for peraonl and professional expansion. 3 Hour class - $35 plus $5 Supply Fee.

Angel Assemblage Art Doll

You'll Create your own wooden standing Art Angel Mixed Media Doll. Unleash your fabulous creativity as you personalize your own Angel. You will learn Assemblage techniques in this fun and whimsical class. All supplies are provided included images and ephemera. 3 hour class - $35 plus $15 Supply Fee (with the option to create additional angels in class)

YOU are a creative genius!

Get your sweet self signed up for an art class and you will be very impressed with what you create. I promise!