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I use these oils on myself, my family, my clients, my 2 cats, dog, and 2 horses. I have witnessed amazing benefits! Ready to sign up, Click Here? Just know, that when you sign up with me, you join an amazing team of Educators! Classes, Info, and more. I'm here to hold the space for your Abundance!

​I really love Young Living Essential Oils. I've chosen this brand above all others because of the quality of the oils and the integrity of the company. They guarantee purity from Seed to Seal. That means that they grow their own plants, harvest and distill them. And, for me, the most important test is my own experience. I can literally 'see' the energetic difference in these oils. I use these oils with my clients in their sessions and I'd be happy to share more information with you. I'm a Member because I believe in this product YL#2123369.

Young Living Pure Essential Oils
I've been using Young Living Essential Oils with my animals and my client's with great results. Oils are my first line of defense and this is the ONLY brand I use. They are also incredibly supportive to the emotional well being of our animals. For example, adopted animals from the humane society benefit greatly from Trauma Life blend.

Oils must be pure and unadulterated (no synthetics) or they can harm your pet. Be sure to ask me first as you want to dilute and apply correctly. Did you realize there no 'truth in labeling' laws (take a look at the chemical products you use to clean and you'll see what I mean). Because essential oils are considered a Fragrance (The law does not require cosmetic products and ingredients, other than color additives, to have FDA approval before they go on the market), in order to be labeled as PURE, it needs only contain 5% actual oil. Oh my goodness! What do you suppose makes up that 95%? Ever wonder why you can buy "pure Lavender" at the natural food store for $7?} Did you know Tea Tree and Lavender oils are the most adulterated oils on the market. Did you know that Tea Tree oil with a synthetic can kill your cat? or that Lavender with a synthetic can cause a burn to get worse (way worse!)

This is why you must know the SOURCE of your oil. Please be very cautious and very sure of the oils you are using! Having said that, I use and love Young Living Oils. They have literally changed our lives and my animals are so much healthier because of it!

Young Living Oils & Animals