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"Justine is amazing! When Webster became sick and I knew we were at the end of our Earthly relationship, Justine helped us move gently through the transitions. Peace of mind is priceless."
Julie – Bozeman, MT

"Horses brought Justine and I together.  We share a common love and connection to the gifts our horses, animals and nature bring to our lives.  She has helped me personally to name and let go of many life challenges, but one of the most beautiful gifts she gave me was her support and wisdom to help my 26-year-old gelding pass on.   She spent time with us both, shared all our fears and hopes, and then stood with us as he spread his wings and flew to a place where he no long feels pain.  She helped us both find our strength, love and connection in a profound time of transition. I am deeply grateful for Justine and her willingness to share her gifts."
FW - Sisters, OR

"I manage a world class horse operation.  We go the full circle. Breeding, foaling, training and showing. Justine stopped by the ranch on her way through our area - we went to the pastures to visit expecting mares and little foals. Justine was one year ahead of me in energy healing school.  I have to say that I was so inspired by what "could be" if I worked and studied enough.  The language she spoke with the horses had a palpable warmth and fluidity.  Needless to say, the horses responded. I have had the pleasure of visiting Justine in Oregon since our graduation from Energy Healing School...she continues to be an inspiration to me."
Jean F - Rancho Murieta, CA

"Justine Gibb is a phenomenal animal communicator, healer, and teacher!  She is has helped us immensely with every facet of our animals’ lives, including horses, dogs, and cats. Justine has assisted with my horse’s issue of breaking out of his electric fence area, helped my cat relax and easily cross over the Rainbow Bridge, and she helped with our Baby Poodle’s tummy problems, just to name a few instances. Each time Justine has worked with our animals, she has been accurate about “tuning in” to their issues, and has “talked” to them and helped heal and soothe them - - all at a distance.  With all the great healing, communicating, soothing, etc., Justine never needed to be with our animals in person. Although I also work intuitively in my healing practice, including with animals, for the deeper work, I recommend Justine to my friends and clients, and they have also had wonderful results when Justine worked with them and their animals."
Susan G - Bend, OR

"Justine was wonderful, helping me talk to my newly deceased horse and get some peace of mind and closure." 
Diana - Bend, OR

"Justine has been a joy to work with in communicating with my animals. Her clarity of communication and understanding of animal behavior and health has helped me bring more joy and fun into my relationship with my companion animals. I'm so grateful for her help!"
Beth H - Bend, OR

"When I was struggling with the decision to get a puppy I felt the need to check in with my heart dog who had passed. She, thru Justine, told me she would help raise the pup and that I shouldn't worry. She knew I wasn't replacing her. After that I felt completely ready to get a pup." 
KB - Bend, OR