Animals and Healing

Ever Wonder What Your Pet is Thinking?

I can help you find out! I am an Animal Communicator and Healer. I work with all animals. This work is very effective for behavioral issues as well as physical problems. This work is the greatest gift you can give yourself and your animal at the time of Transition. Communication and Healing connects your animal to the other side, relieves confusion and soothes grief when it's time to say goodbye to their physical form. I have many testimonials about my work with animals. Check them out!

I have years of experience working with animals in person and over the phone. I have found that working over the phone provides clearer results for the client as they are not distracted by the physical presence of their animal. It all works the same way, connecting with the animal occurs when I'm right next to them or thousands of miles away. All you need to do is show up for the session. I connect with you and your animals through you.

What does Communication Help with?

Behavioral - aggression, fear, depression
Issues with other animals (or people) in the household (we can often alleviate the issue or at lease broker a truce)
Health - Acute pain and general condition
New environment - Getting a new animal, introducing additional animals to the household, moving.
Transition during illness and death - Understanding when it is time to let go 
Communicating with animals that have already passed - Yep, we can talk to your passed friends. Animals who have crossed over often have such powerful insight that they enjoy sharing with their loved ones (you)

My style of working with animals is as follows:
First I start a conversation and allow your animal to tell their story. Why is this helpful? It's helpful because the first step to healing occurs when we are able to communicate with each other. When we're allowed to share our feelings, our pain, and our joy, we begin to understand the underlying causes to issues that may be affecting health and behavior. 
-I open up the conversation between you and your animal to help you both understand each other better.
-The next thing we do is take a look at general health and wellness. I am an energy healer and I am able to track the energy in your animal's body to help them release blocks and patterns of ill-health.
-Finally we come up with a plan that works  for both you and your pet. Even if you can't make all the changes your animal requests, I have found that just your willingness to listen begins to alleviate the issues. It softens the tension and gives you a much better sense of what is going on in your household (what things to be aware of in regards to your pet).

Additionally, I am passionate about helping people and their animals Transition. The end of life is such a precious time and we are rarely prepared for it. It's not a subject we're taught much about and it can be hard on both us and our animals. I can smooth their way and yours.

And, once they've passed, did you know you can still communicate with them?
Nothing is ever lost to us, it is only added to the sum of us. We can visit whenever we want to.


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